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             Table of contents WIAP machines

                                    made in switzerland

WB410 Wiap DM3S Multifunktional machine


Latest multifunctional machine, expandable to 6 lanes, MEMV relax in various sizes


WB420 Wiap Vertical Lathe DM2V

 WB430 DM2V Version 2012


Vertical CNC lathe. Suitable for the production of flange parts; machine with top-mounted headstock, automation integrated, replaces the gantry loader or robot.
WB440 Wiap DM4C Large turning machine

WB450 DM4C 2012

WB460 Prospct WIAP DM4C


Best horizontal bed turning machineWIAP DM. Suitable for large workpieces and the oil industry, oil field turning machine, interchangeable ducting
WB 470 Wiap DM2A Horizontal 4 Lines Machine


WB480 Wiap DM2A 2012


WB490 Wiap DM2A Centering Machine


WB4100 Wiap HM02A Drillling machine


WB4110 Wiap HM02A Joint Shaft Turning Machine


Suitable for small and medium part production, special machines, centering machines, double-sided lathes, left-right pendulum lathes, double turning, drilling and milling machines.
This machine was also built for several years under the license of Wema Zerbst Germany.
WB4120 Wiap DM 02X Turning machine


Suitable for the production of motor housings. Special machine.

WB4130 Wiap DM02 XA 8 Axis turning machine


 WB4140 Wiap DM02 XA 2012


This XA plant was built in 2002.

WB4150 Wiap DM02 XP Rotary Milling Machine


WB4160 Wiap DM02 XP 2012


The high-frequency lathe machine suitable for turning and milling. Special tasks and integrated headlamp for cross-joint processing.
WB4170 Wiap DM6


WB4180 Wiap Portal loader  Automation 2 Portal loader. WIAP already built WIAP as a robot in the 80s, supplying several customers.
For safety reasons, the portal loader is less disturbing than a robot because it can only move in 2 axes. It is very dangerous to reach a robot.
WB4190 Consolidated report New machines


Consolidated report New machines
WB4200 Press releases Wiap machines


History / H   Press releases
WB4210 Prospekte Wiap Maschinen


WIAP brochure collection
WB4220 Poster: Evaluation für eine WIAP Maschine


Poster: Evaluation for a WIAP machine
WB4230 Wiap +GF+ Drehmaschinen


WIAP +GF+ Drehmaschi






The WIAP DM2V vertical lathe has been manufacturing Hilti workpieces for decades. However, a double-sided lathe WIAP ZM02 and a long-range lathe WIAP HM2 also produce drills for Hilti. The WIAP DM4C large turning machine built the first 2 WIAP DM4C for Angola. This is also followed by Swiss customers. The largest is the WIAP DM4C horizontal bed turning machine with 2 meter swing diameter and 4 meter tip width. The concept was, however, prepared up to the WIAP DM6, which is easy to implement thanks to the metal relax with vibration and the vibration-damping method WIAP VDSF.



We designed and built this Wiap DM4C machine in Switzerland. New developments are in preparation. The boys are now ready for mechanical engineering.




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