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                      CNC Turned milling machine

                         Wiap DM2 XP No. 10029

                                     Vibration relaxed and vibration damped vdsf®, vsr®, memv®

                   Made for a large company for the production of tripods workpieces cycle time 2 seconds

                                    made in switzerland


P1: This special rotary miller WIAP DM2_XP was for a large company. You could turn and mill with 20`000 revolution. At the same time a rotary spindle, which rotates with a facing head. The entire construction was from the WIAP. That was one of the overworked projects ever performed the WIAP. Clock time, a portion in 2 seconds. And a very exact customer who halved the seconds.


P2: Before the customer acceptance everything is ready for the test day.


P3: In the assembly scanned status. The parts are left on the jig. The machine was completely automatic.


P4: The machine bed and the vertical tower was from the WIAP DM2V vertical lathe. Therefore, this machine could also be supplied from order within 6 months.


P5: The CNC control was a Sinumerik 810D, which was designed for multiple axes.


P6: The whole bed system with tower is vibration-relaxed and vibration damping.


P7: Here the self-developed plan turret drive. It also has a coolant supply through the spindle. A good torque was required for the high speed of the facing tools.


P8: Some pallet Test parts were tested.





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