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MEMV® Machine Tool Manufacturing, Automation


Vibration stress relief on metal Alternative to stress relief annealing

Automation gantry loader, machinery developments metalworking

Vibration stress relief on metal, Alternative to stress relief annealing    



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WIAP MEMV Vibrate instead of glow       


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WIAP MEMV by vibration stress relief




Multiple clamping device WIAP MEMV




Machine at company Rollstar Switzerland No. 3 of the type WIAP DM4C with the swinging diameter 1600 mm. Top distance 2 meters. Built in Switzerland. The machine has a vibration-damped machine bed. The tailstock is also steamed VDSF. The revolver disc is tilted 10 degrees, thus has a better collision characteristics. 63 KW drive power. 2 stages of transmission. Hardened guides 60 HRC, WIAP DM4-C, DL2000.

Statement of the customer 11_2017.
The machine is in a very good condition and produces very accurate and reliable. (That after 20 years in use).

Welding distortion is an unpleasant by-product of welding constructions. With 30 minutes of vibration relaxation solve many problems. No delay in processing. No delay due to the transport. No sudden cracks etc.

Since 1981, WIAP has been working on MEMV® (metal relax with vibration). The metal chillers WIAP LC 05, LC 20, LC 50, LC 100 and LC 200 are manufactured (LC 05 - 5 tons device, LC 200 - 200 tons device). Renowned companies in Europe and Asia are relaxing their workpieces with WIAP metal stress relief systems. It is a replacement variant for the stress-relieving annealing. No unpleasant side effects like glowing like scaling. No retraction to the original position after straightening, as in annealing. That no 2 X straightening necessary and then new tensions. Flame-directed components Vibration relaxation instead of stress-relieved, no distortion during subsequent processing. 12 tons of roller vibration required 935 KW for low stress annealing. Vibrate only 2 KW / h. Result: Low stress annealing and the new WIAP MEMV vibrate identically. Vibration process takes about 1 hour.




- No expensive transport costs, the workpieces remain in your house
- Easy to use
- Flexible appointments
- Environmentally conscious
- Low cost
- Simultaneous control of your workpieces. You notice, for example, a bad one
  or too weak weld
- A successful relaxation process is carried out in just 30 minutes.



Vibrational relaxation, vibration, trembling, stabilizing, hammering,

stabilizer. Vibration relaxation with the WIAP system.

Metal relax with vibration, MEMV® process





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