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Residual stress reduction with vibration,

Vibration stress relief on metal System WIAP® MEMV®


The WIAP MEMV process requires over 400x less energy than the standard stress relief annealing.

This is nice proof of how much industry can do much to reduce CO2 emissions.


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Information:  MEMV WM 990


When metal is "relaxed" using vibrations, the atoms within the metal are caused to move and re-arrange themselves. This can cause defects in the atomic structure of the metal to be "healed," leading to a more uniform and stable arrangement of atoms. Additionally, the vibrations can cause the metal to become more ductile, making it less likely to crack or break under stress.








Figure 1. Forged heavy rollers MEMV (vibration stress relief on metal) with 400x less energy consumption



Since 2014, the company WIAP AG Ltd SA has applied for six new patents for the “vibration stress relief on metal” (MEMV®) technology. The last one in december 2019. The innovative procedure is utilised in order to reduce stresses in metallic components once again, e.g. the distortion as a consequence of welding processing operations. Customary techniques such as stress relief annealing are also applied to such tasks but are mostly energy-intensive or lead to the scaling of the components. In this respect, the MEMV® technology offers a few advantages for the user.

The Swiss company WIAP AG has already been successfully dealing with the “vibration stress relief on metal” technology for a long time. Meanwhile, the supply programme has been comprehensively extended to five basic models: V5 for components with masses up to 5 t, V20 (for 20 t), V50 (50 t), V100 (100 t) as well as V200 for a workpiece weight of 200 t. Moreover, the new developments encompass the multiaxial VS vibrator. This is suitable particularly for welded structures since it can excite all three coordinate directions (X, Y and Z axes) with just one device. Therefore, the multiaxial vibrator is simultaneously used for welding while the component is vibrating. Since it excites all the axial directions, decisively better stress distributions than with conventional biaxial exciters are thus possible with it.

WIAP has developed the newest model (a VV with adjustable eccentric stages) in order to be able to counteract not only low frequencies with high exciter stages but also vice versa. In each case, the objective is to reduce the imbalance stage. With this installation, a wide spectrum of applications can be covered in practice without any manual intervention.

Other new products are also available in the supply programme, e.g. the current rotating jigs. Several axial directions compared with conventional procedures can be covered with them. All the so-called dead points (or nodal points) are excited. In this way, a uniform stress relief process introduced over the entire component is carried out with the aid of vibration.





Figure 2. Impeller MEMV vibrates instead of glowing




Figure 3. Welded construction with vibration relax system MEMV






Figure 4. WIAP DM4C machine bed vibration relaxation

WIAP MEMV Sweden hp/1cw




Figure 5. Control unit WIAP MEMV with protocol




Figure 6. WIAP MEMV device type ES_ECO can be used

from less than 10 kg up to 20 tons component weight.




Figure 7. WIAP MEMV device type ES_ECO. Compact

and reasonably priced. Functional WIAP system.




Figure 8. New generation 2019
WIAP MV 05 for 5 tons, MV 20 for 20 tons,
MV 50 for 50 tons, MV 100 for 100 tons
Workpiece weight


metal relax .. Unique Process reliability with vibration.

The MEMV technology offers some advantages for the user. Metal relax with vibration is more than an alternative to stress relieving, metal relax with vibration gives no delay after the MEMV (metal relax with vibration)
Treatment. Low-stress annealing usually tightens the component to its original position as before straightening. Whether flame-directed or hydraulically straightened, no distortion after MEMV treatment and no distortion after processing.

The innovative process is used to reduce stresses in metallic components, such as distortion due to welding. Deflection by flame or hydraulic straightening. The delay when components break down by tensions machining, which hinder the precision by discarding. MEMV vibration before finishing prevents distortion.



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Metal stress relief with vibration Alternative to stress relief annealing

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