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CNC Horizontal bed 10 axes

8 guideways CNC Lathe


WIAP DM2 XA for machining length 7000 mm plastic pipes for power plants

                                                                 made in switzerland


P1a: The WIAP DM2 XA machine is a special version with 8 tracks. 4 carriages which can drive past without collision.

Detail link to the turning machine DM2_XA


P1b. The welded antivibration machine bed by the VDSF process.


P2a. Thousands such pipes should be turned in. Insulators.


P3a. And here this WIAP XA_SM special saw - machine.


P3b. Automatic saw WIAP XA_SM editing system.


P5a. The WIAP XA_FPL gantry. View from above.


P5b. Area gantry. View from the side.

P5c. Presentation Meeting. 


P5d. The gripper, which can transport up to 7 meters long pipes.


P5e. With the plant can also conical tubes be processed.


P6. The unique measuring machine WIAP XA_MM.


P7a. Transport of WIAP DM2 XA 8 guide - tracks machine.


P7b. Loading on the truck.

The WIAP DM2 XA is a robust flatbed CNC lathe. She has a medium wide bed. Outside the guide clearance is 800 mm. The machine base is a welded construction. The bed is vibration relaxed and then filled with the filler WIAP and compacted by vibration, in accordance with the Patent of WIAP. The guides X and Z are 50x50 mm.

The guides are interchangeable because screwed. For a revision after 20 years suitable, without the bed must return to the supplier. The hardened guides min. 60 HRC are screwed. The slide guides in the X and Z axis are coated with a sliding coating. All axes have air support, that the carriage runs better, does not reach the dirt under the guides and the wear decreased by the multiple, compared with other guides. Lubrication is designed for short path, ie sufficient lubrication for a thread factory.

The machine structure is designed such that it can only be transported with minimal disassembly also by land.

Delivery dates are short with the Wiap. Mainly because the vibration relaxation MEMV - VSR and the vibration dampening VDSF method is a core piece of a Wiap machine tool, the machine bed can be ready within 6 weeks for assembly.

Ask us, we will be glad to give you further information.




 1.27 General technical specifications

Description of the 10-axis CNC-controlled double-sided tube processing machine:

CNC-controlled machine based on the WIAP DM series type DM02E-XA

Technical specifications:

-        Swing diameter                                           mm     800

-        Rotating diameter                                        mm     620

-        Max. Workpiece length to be machined      mm     7000

-        Travel distance X-axis                                 mm     350       

-        Travel distance Z-axis                                 mm     7200

-        Max. rotating diameter                                 mm     850   

-        Max. turning length                                      mm     7000

-        Lining diameter                                            mm     400, 2x


Main spindle 1 and 2, No. 1 driven
        Spindle size                                 ASA        2 - 6/8     

         Rotations                                      Revol.    100-1000

-        Speed, Change of belt pulley
          provided, however, within 20 - 100 heart stepless

-        Spindle bore                                                                                                             

-        Drive power                                  KW        10

         but can be adjusted again


-        Both spindle blocks can be moved longitudinally; centering with left and right spindle


Clamping device / tensioning device

-               2 x 400 mm chuck, fixed to the base jaws with quick exchangeable, replaceable jaws, for the clamping diameters 93 to 610 mm. With 2 cylinders with control. The workpiece is designed for an internal pressure of max. 6 bar


-        For each workpiece diameter, 2 sets of 3 pieces each are supplied; designed for use in 3 undercups.

-           2 sets of jaws for machining your parts Pos. 4 + Pos. 9.


-        Assortment tools for your processing; Incl. Tool holder.



Machine bed

-        Guids                                           HRC     50 (60)           

-        Bedding width                              mm      inside

                                                              mm      outside

-        Leadership dimension                 mm      40 x 40   

-        Bed length approx.                       mm     11'000

         Travel distance                             mm     7000


-        Spindle center from ground approx.         mm     1100




-        2  x X Axis


-        2  x Z Axis


-                2 x height adjustment prism left / resp. right

-                2 x spindle head axis                                                                                  


Tool turret
-        2 pcs. 12 speed disc turret                



Height adjustable workpiece prisms
2 Workpiece prisms arranged on the longitudinal slide, adjustable for the diameters of 93 - 610 mm. Automatic, programmable, height-adjustable prisms; Consisting of 2 additional axes with drives for the entire diameter range

Lathing machine 1 suction                        Ø   60

Lathing machine 2 suction                        Ø   60


Second headstock instead of tailstock
No tailstock, instead of a second headstock with the identical clamping means.
Technical data identical to the main spindle
Machine dimensions (approx.)

-        Length                                        mm           14'000

-        Bright                                          mm           2100

-        High                                            mm           2000   

-        Weight                                        kg              6000             


Full coverage
Instead of the partial room covering, machine with 4 mobile protection doors 2 pcs. From left to right, door width approx. 1750 mm, 2 pcs. From right to left door width approx. 1750 mm. All 4 doors with safety glass provided. Doors automatically programmable for those on to move, individually controllable, so that for small parts does not have to open all 4 doors. Door safety system for personal protection. Enclosure sound dampened.

CNC controls
See sep. Description

About GRP Tubes:

These disadvantages do not have silicone composite hollow insulators. They consist of a glass-fiber-reinforced plastic tube (GRP pipe), which is equipped with aluminum flanges at the ends, and a screen sheath made of a silicone elastomer. The GRP pipe with the firmly pressed and glued flanges gives the hollow insulator the necessary mechanical strength and tightness, the shielding sleeve provides with its silicon-type properties for the electrical insulation. The flanges are necessary in order to be able to mount the isolator at the installation site.

It requires about 1 meter of GRP pipe length per 100,000.- volts                                           




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