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       CNC horizontal bed lathe WIAP HM 02 

for the production of pipes, which are used as masonry drills - quick changeover to 70 mm diameter. Fully automatic bar loading - magazine

for 20 pcs 6 meter pipes.



P1: The HM 02 was one of the biggest world - designed corporations masonry drill manufacturer. Everything is fully automatic. The machine was built by WIAP license partner Zerbst.


P1: The HM 02 has a self-developed rod loading magazine.


 P3: The CNC control is a Sinumerik 810T GA2.


P4: The workpieces are taken with a bezel and placed on a roller conveyor.  

The WIAP HM2 is a flatbed CNC lathe. She has a wide bed. The machine base is a welded construction. The bed is vibration relaxed and then filled with the filler WIAP and compacted by vibration, in accordance with the Patent of WIAP. Dimension of the guides X and Z 30 x 50 mm.


The guides are interchangeable because screwed. For a revision after 20 years suitable, without the bed must return to the supplier. The hardened guides, about 60 HRC are screwed. The slide guides in the X - and Z - axis are coated with a sliding coating. All axes have an air support so that a) the carriage better not running b) of dirt under the guides come and c) the wear is reduced by the multiple, compared with other guides. Lubrication is designed for short path; ie, sufficient lubrication points.

The machine construction is designed so that it can be transported with minimal disassembly.

Wiap has been a standard supplier program for years. All products will soon be available on the market. This saves the long waiting for spare parts or wear parts.

Delivery dates are short with the Wiap. Mainly because the vibration relaxation MEMV - VSR and the vibration dampening VDSF method is a core piece of a Wiap machine tool. The machine bed can be ready for assembly within 6 weeks

Ask us, we will be glad to provide you



P5: Here, the final assembly of the plant.    



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