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                             CNC Horizontal bed lathe

                                  WIAP DM2A

                                           No. 10010, 10012, 10014

                                    Vibration relaxed and vibration damped vdsf®, vsr®, memv®

                                      Made in Switzerland



P1: Double sides - CNC - lathe WIAP DM2A. Two revolvers. Two movable headstocks. Private portal loader WIAP PL 2 for 2 x 7 kg Pallet weight.


P2: Electro interior of WIAP machine.


P3: WIAP Probe holder MTH with retractable thermowell was integrated into the fully automatic system.


P4: A concept, a machine. Vibration relaxed and vibration - damped machine bed.


P5: This machine cooled with oil. The customer therefore calls for an integrated fighting system.


P6: WIAP DM2A CNC lathe with gantry loader WIAP PL2 during the shooting tests.


This machine concept offers unique opportunities. There were also centering - machinery and produced a long pipe lathe according to the concept.

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