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Vertical CNC turning machine Wiap DM2V with overhead headstock 


special features. Compact space-saving machine. Automation around the machine. Instead of a portal loader, the X and Z axis travels to the workpiece at the conveyor belt. They pick up the workpieces and bring them back. This machine type DM 2 V up to the diameter 160 mm was built with a width of 2.5 meters and a depth of 1.85 meters and height of 2.1 meter.



















The Wiap DM-V is a vertical lathe with top-mounted headstock. The solution is similar to that of a processing center. The DM2-V is used for medium and large series. This means that this machine completely replaces conventional systems with robots. The vertical rotation saves additional automation because the spindlestock takes over the handling task.


Technical specifications: WIAP DM2-V
Circulating diameter mm 160 (200)
Z-Travel distance mm 320
X-Travel distance mm 650
Spindle bore mm 45
Spindle diameter in the front bearing mm 80
Spindlesase A5
Main spindle motor 100% ED / 40% ED kW 9.5 / 14
Speed ​​range Main spindle (standard 96/153 Nm9 u/min 45-4500
Torque at 4500 U/min Nm 90/153 100/40%9

The Wiap DM2V has been producing machines for Hilti for many years. It was only in 2013 again a 3rd machine re-ordered and supplied.


The following series are in the project planning. These can be realized at any time thanks to the metal with vibration and the vibration-damping method. Also all the assembly of the DM 2 V at the top of photos was relaxed with vibration and dampened vibration.

Technical specifications: DM2 DM3 DM4 DM5 DM6
Guide width mm 50 70 90 120 200/250
Guide height mm 30 40 50 80 120
Max. Bed length mm          
Max. Tip width mm          
Max. Swinging-ø mm          
Max. Spindle bore mm          
Drive power up to kW          


Wiap_DM2V\DM2 V Layout Ver. 3 DM2-C-V-0003 HZ.pdf   Wiap_DM2V\DM2 V Layout Ver. 3 DM2-C-V-0003 HZ.doc






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