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                                CNC Horizontal bed lathe

                                  WIAP DM4 C

                                         Vibration relaxed and vibration damped vdsf®, vsr®, memv®

                                       Made in Switzerland


Link 1 This WIAP DM4C has a swing - diameter of 2000 mm and two separate, movable turret. 3 chip conveyor, machine number 10032, machine weight 23 tons.


Link 2  This WIAP DM4C has a swing - diameter of 1600 mm. A 15 degree tilted 12 - fold turret and 200 mm spindle bore. Machine weight 16 tons. Design and manufacture WIAP. Machine Nr.10025.


Link 3 This WIAP DM4C has a swing diameter of 1300 mm. A 12x turret and 265 mm spindle bore, machine weight 13 tons. Design and manufacture WIAP. Machine Nr.10020.


P4: Law the WIAP DM4C machine number 10029. This was built for a spindle bore of 365 mm.

The WIAP DM4C is a robust flatbed CNC - lathe. She has a wide bed. Outside the guide clearance is 1140 mm. The machine base is a welded construction. The bed isvibration relaxed and then filled with the filler WIAP and compacted by vibration. According to the Patent of WIAP. The guides X and Z are 90 x 50 mm.


The guides are interchangeable because screwed. For a revision after 20 years suitable, without the bed back into the delivery - factory needs. The hardened guides, min. 60 HRC are screwed. The slide guides in the X and Z axis are coated with a sliding coating. All axes have an air - support, so that a) the carriage runs better, b) the dirt does not come under the guides and c) the wear is reduced by several times compared to other guides. Lubrication is designed for short path; ie, sufficient lubrication points.


The WIAP machines can generally run for more than 20,000 operating hours and have less than 0.01 mm of wear when maintenance is not neglected. How to replace wipers every year, etc.

The machine design is designed in such a way that it can also be transported with minimal disassembly.

Thanks to the great experience, also with the conversion of large machines, which was often converted from conventional to CNC with ball screw spindle and retrofits and much more, also in the CNC and PLC area, WIAP offers everything from one hand. The customer can benefit from a good remote maintenance. Service costs, also in the CNC area, are below the average.

The WIAP has been a standard supplier program for years. All products are available in the market shortly if we do not have it in stock. This will save you a long wait for spare parts or wear parts.

Delivery dates are short. Above all, thanks to the vibration-relax MEMV - VSR and the vibration-dampening VDSF process. The core of a WIAP machine tool, the machine bed, can be ready for assembly within 6 weeks.

Please contact us. We will be glad to inform you.








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