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                                CNC Horizontal bed lathe

                                  WIAP DM4C

                                              Nr. 10032                                      

                                     Made in Switzerland


P1: The WIAP DM4C flatbed CNC - lathe with 4 guides 90 x 50 mm in the Z axis; 2 guides for the tailstock and 2 x in the X axis. With double turret.



P2: A workpiece clamped in the CNC lathe WIAP DM4C with swing diameter 2000 mm.


P3: The machine bed with 4 interchangeable guides 90 x 50 mm.

The Z-ball screw 63 x 10 mm.


P4: The machine weighs 24 tonnes.


P5. The machine is transported to the end customer. 3 chip conveyors are on the machine.


P6: The WIAP DM4C had to be only about 20 km transported, in the canton of Lucerne.


P7: This WIAP DM4C was built for a Swiss customer. The machine has a swing - diameter of 2000 mm and there are 2 X - slide independently movable.   


Ask us, we will be glad to give you further information.

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