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                                CNC Horizontal bed lathe

                                                WIAP DM4 C

                                           No. 10020                              

                                        Made in Switzerland


P1: Two vibration relaxed WIAP DM4C machine beds in the assembly hall. Ready for building.


P2: The cross slide, also vibration relaxed, in the assembly.

P3: The 4-track machine bed WIAP DM4C with the 63 x 10 mm ball screw in the assembly.


P4: Lubrication. Sufficient lubrication points for short stroke movements. Since the machine cuts much thread, often up to 30 passes per thread, many lubrication points are good for the life of the machine.


P5: The longitudinal - and cross slides the CNC lathe WIAP DM4C. It is all covered with a sheet.



P6: Control panel, which can not be supported. This control we have grown more than 200 times. To date, it is still one of the best-selling CNCs Europe.


P7:  View the oilfield CNC Lathe from behind.


P8: Turning tests for the end customer. Ten - thousands of such threads must be prepared.


P8: The workshop head of retail at removal. He has tested two weeks and has been trained.


This machine is now 20 years in use. It is still used for all parts which are sent to America for testing and approval. Despite age, she is the most accurate machine. The air support ensures good running and prevents contamination. The vibration-relieved and vibration-damped machine bed is also responsible for good tool life. The whole vibration behavior of the lathe is particularly good. The wide machine bed speaks for itself.

1140 mm outer edge of the Z-guide.

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