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                                CNC Horizontal bed lathe

                                 WIAP DM4C

                                    No. 10025                                       

                                     Made in Switzerland


P1: The CNC - lathe WIAP DM4C with the vibration relaxed and vibration-damped machine bed.


P2: The headstock is a proprietary design of WIAP. Also vibration dampened, with spaces for the filler. Here for a spindle bore of 200 mm. Easily also larger passages may be realized.


P3: The machine has 2 chip conveyor. Guide - wide in X - and Z 90 x 50 mm and about 60 HRC hardened. The guides can be exchanged at most only turn that the worn part is behind.


P4: A straight tool turret has more problems than a collision tilted turret. We have used here a 15 degree tilted disc turret. The tool pane construction is of us.


P5: Robust headstock with a 2 - stage - gear. Own construction WIAP. Vibration relaxed and vibration damped, double - walled. In addition, a 2 - stage transmission.

P6: The machine in the final assembly. Soon ready to rotate. Manufacturing time a WIAP machine around 1 year.


P7: Final assembly.


P8: Rotation test by the end customer.


P9: Some kilo chips are turned off by a large flange. The machine has just under 20,000 Nm torque.



P8: The tool holder of the machine are not just 2 kg. It needs a little force, if it is to go without a crane.

This CNC - lathe is in use. The customer recently said: "very good, the turret because less risk of collision by the inclined position of the turret."


The WIAP DM4 C is a robust flat bed CNC lathing machine. She has a wide bed. The outside clearance is 1140 mm. The machine bed is a welded construction. The bed is vibrated and then filled with the WIAP filler and compacted by vibration, according to the WIAP patent. Dimensions of guides X and Z: 90x50 mm.

Please contact us. We will be glad to provide further information.


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