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                                            CNC vertical lathe

                                   WIAP DM2V


                                No. 10021,10022,10023, 10024,

                                Vibration relaxed and vibration damped VDSF®, VSR®, MEMV®

                                     Made in Switzerland


P1: CNC Lathe Vertical, top hanging headstock. Design and manufacture WIAP.  



P2: The vibration relaxed and vibration - damped machine base under construction.


P3: Small, compact CNC lathe as a skeleton. For chucking parts up to 200 mm diameter. The feed moves with the workpiece to the finished part - position. A precast slide comes into the engine room, picks up the workpiece. The precast pusher moves out of the machine and pushes the workpiece on the conveyor belt. The food gets at a deeper level the new blank. Then the traveling headstock moves to the fixed turret, where the rotary work is performed. Thanks to the arrangement includes all chips down into the chip - conveyor. The conveyor belt has space 200 mm x 4350 mm for raw - and finished parts. 2 x 0.87 m/2. From 100 mm diameter about 40 raw - and 40 finished parts. With a running time of 2 minutes, the results in an unmanned operation for 80 minutes. Thanks to the vibration - insulation the machine has good durability because there minimal occur to no vibration.




P4: Machine in assembly Link to assembly

Link to electrics and pneumatics


P5: The machine No.10021 shortly before delivery.



P6: The machine No. 10024 is now producing in Europe for a large company. Man arms production.


P7: An automation under lowest space - ratios. Compact and space saving. She goes around the machine with the raw - and precast.

The WIAP vertical CNC lathing machine is designed for chucking up to 200 mm. Machines of this series produce workpieces for a world-wide group which produces drilling systems. The machine is air-supported. Vibration dampened, has interchangeable guideways etc. This design is from A - Z of WIAP. The design is provided to also integrate a true Y-axis.

Link to automation

Link to final assembly

Link to the transport

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