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Photo Gallery Roller



W2a) Annealed roller. Measure voltages with vibration. System WIAP MEMV.




W2b)  Heavy rollers shake. Not stress annealing. System WIAP MEMV.




W2c) 15 tons of machine bed shake, vibrate. System WIAP MEMV.




W2d) Jim Peter Widmer, Hanspeter Widmer. WIAP MEMV relax with vibration.




W2e) Vibrate only. Not glow. System WIAP MEMV




W2f) As a substitute for stress annealing. System WIAP MEMV.




W2g) WIAP MEMV VSR analysis





W2h) MEMV ring to relax with vibration.





W2i) Vibration Relax has no alternative that is cheaper.




W2j) Metal relax with vibration. Process engineers Jim and Sven Widmer



W2k) shaker test WIAP MEMV annealed and not annealed.




W2l) Metal relax with vibration. WIAP MEMV




W2m) WIAP vibrates with 400x less energy than the stress annealing




W2n) MEMV project engineer Jim Peter Widmer




W2o) Power saving with vibration instead stress annealing.




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