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The WIAP AG has conducted a major investigation where annealed and unannealed rollers WIAP® MEMV® were relaxed.





Annealed rolls scaling before the test. Sven Widmer by preparing WIAP® MEMV® experiment. 





AV and DV designed jig; from 100 mm to 800 mm diameter.





2 rollers, one of which was laid with vibration. Instead of the second roller with WIAP® MEMV® to relax, an annealed roll was taken. Left Jim Peter Widmer; right Hans-Peter Widmer.





Shafts type in which the shaft ends, the apparatus was mounted. Image: Jim Widmer.



2b) Report Annealed roller No. 1

Detailed report MEMV WM850_10_b


1. Measure of the differences of an annealed and unannealed roller. Weight 12.2 tons. 42CrMo4 Mat. WM_850_05



Analysis: Can be treated with vibrating rollers instead glow?





Rotator side view. Multi axis vibration for future standardized WIAP® MEMV® system. Clamping and turning device.


The annealed roller changes the G value only in the longitudinal axis not; the unannealed roller by a multiple. Overall, the annealed roller to 4.14 G, the unannealed to 11.18 G, which shows that a calcined roller does not have all voltages off changed.


Measurement with 3 axis directions. Clampings at roll 1, 2, 3


Statement: The evaluations of the data logger of the third measurement are very meaningful. There were held at the beginning of 3 measuring points and at the end of also three measuring points. These were compared. Similar measurement 2 as in the manual, which runs extended for about two years. All were measured at the same time starting. Thanks to that everything is measured identical from the outset with the logger solution, there is no error which can be caused, as in the single dipstick measurement. This is because the first load cycles, the voltage changes immediately. Hand measurement, we may not realize this because from the first to the last measuring point, eg. as at 24 measuring points, already 2 to 3 minutes elapse. This shift in the time of measurement of the measuring point one to the measuring point 24.



The measurement of a 12.2 ton roller annealed and unannealed where have a difference

Displacement of the annealed roller: 4.14 G of 4 measuring points in each 3-axis directions. Of which in the direction of 0 degree excitation was agitated at the annealed roller only 0.67, between before and after. 


In return, the unannealed roller:

Displacement: 11.28 G of 4 measuring points in each 3-axis directions. Which at 0 degrees pathogens direction only 7.23 G were moved; i.e. 10.8 x less displacement of a roll annealed to a non-annealed roller.


The software is extended so that the entire shift curves are recorded during the entire running time. Sun can be evaluated more.

Measurement result in reality: Customer statement: "Waves keep a low profile, that behave like conventional relaxed waves."

That is, the method WIAP® MEMV® relaxed not only welding structures, but also forged workpieces which have been stress relieved until now.





With new fixtures was with the WIAP® MEMV® method changed the relaxation metal with vibration. Multi D WIAP WIAP® MEMV® system.

Fully Automatic storage rotator with clamping is also available today.



2c) General protocol systems in the test

Three protocol systems have been applied for the sophisticated trials; see the numbering system in point different measurement methods:


2c 1) the conventional one-point measurement at roll 1, 2, 3. This method shows that the meaningfulness not to of the multi-point hand measurement or data logger measurement comes up far. See Messprotkolle WM850_30.


2c 2) for an year applied, manual measurement point 24, to each component, for the detailed special logging. This measurement method is a fast, better alternative to conventional trade fairs. But not as accurate as the data logger measurement.


2c 3) Data Logger measurements; per position 3 axes each to be measured.


2c 4) Different measurements between the LC 20-20 tons vibrator and the LC 50 - 50 tonnes vibrator.


4c 5) What happens in the axial directions with the dead centers, as to shift. At roll 1, 2, 3

Controversy are to stimulate necessary minimum three axis directions. All axis directions show a change of G value, regardless of the starting position at an angle.


2c 6) How important is the attachment of the V - exciter for the excitation logging?

Very important is a perfect setting. The ratio of the span to span is of great importance, so that the excitation comes to your destination. If only the V-excitation shaken around, but the workpiece does not move, shows that a connection to the workpiece, and V-excitation better clamping with 100 tons, 50 tons than is necessary.


2d) Roller No.1 unannealed

Detailed Report MEMV WM850_10_a


Preparation of the new chuck device which consists of various parts. WM_850_10





WIAP® MEMV® jig 400 to 800 mm.




Chuck-turning device for round components.





Rollers are prepared for the WIAP® MEMV® relaxation.



Roll No. 1G annealed.

Detailed Report MEMV WM850_10_b





The new fixture. The clamping must be made with 140 tons instead of 70 tons. I.e. 8 x 17.6 tons terminals.





This data acquisition (the front side) is directly connected to the control unit. So that the motor current and the amps are measured simultaneously.




With four data logger ever three axes measured in order to use the conventional results as a control. The new system is designed for 6 and 8 data logger.




To determine the annealed roller, which is wired with a plurality of measuring points the comparison between annealed and unannealed 3 measurement method.





The rubber pads are very important. In the future, Rubber Size 100x120x200 is used. If inferior to double over 1.5 tons on a rubber. It vibration being transmitted into space.



9 tons roller, which was relax with the WIAP® MEMV® fully automatic machine.





Axial and rotational direction changing device WIAP® MEMV® DVM.





WIAP® MEMV® protocol device with status display of relaxation process.





Protocol, which is printed after each MEMV® process.





Status display, how well the relaxation took place. After each run is the shift determined.





G probe: (1 G = 9.8 m/s2) for determination process. Together with the motor current consumption, amperes, which also covers the process.





Robust jig, which is mounted with 140 tons on the component. It allows a process-reliable WIAP® MEMV® relaxation.








A scaled annealed roll. The WIAP® MEMV® process achieves the same resulat like glow. In the picture: Sven Widmer.





















The WIAP AG has conducted intensive studies from the year 2014. It was recognized, that the old metal relax comes with vibration, however, was inadequately controlled. In the wake of the findings, a new method has been determined. Now we know that the G shift shows how stresses are reduced. In particular, the multi-point measurements also show that so-called nodes; respectively. Dead centers exist in many parts. These are then; do not be affected, depending on the axial direction as the vibrator is mounted. I.e. when two axis vibration degraded usually only about 30% to 60% of the tensions. This could be fixed depending on the how the vibrator. Today, the new method of WIAP® MEMV® reached all zones. New flame-looking, forged and burned plates can also be relaxed with the WIAP® MEMV® method.


There is also a fully automatic machine, thus the axis directions are approached multiple axes. The detailed description is contained in the patent applications.





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