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WIAP MEMV technical article 2018 No.2


MEMV® is a process of the Swiss WIAP AG with several patents. The "metal stress relief with vibration" can be used as an extension to "stress relief annealing" or, in many cases, even replace this established but energy-intensive technology

The purpose of both methods is to compensate for stresses and distortion in components, for example as a result of welding. Numerous measuring experiments prove the good results with the MEMV® process



Patented process from Switzerland

Metal relax with vibration

Technology as an alternative for stress


MEMV® is a patented method of WIAP AG, Dulliken/ CH. The "Metal stress relief with vibration" can be used as an extension to stress relieving or even replace these energy-intensive technology in many cases. Purpose, stresses and distortion in components- about due to welding operations - compensate.


With their latest MEMV® technology, the Swiss specialist extend the decades common methods VSR. When "VSR-vibrate" a vibrator is located at a certain position of the component and excites precisely one direction in order to reduce tensions. A new VS-vibrator for horizontal and vertical excitation in all three axis directions was filed in 2014 in Switzerland and 2015 in Germany for patent. He is, among other things especially to encourage all axial directions simultaneously during a welding operation. This allows significantly better results achieved in vibration welding, among others.


In the component size, there are no limits for the MEMV® process. It can components up to 200 and more using the vibration technology are relaxed. During stress these limits are reached more quickly, since only the transport already is a major challenge to the annealing furnace of such a component.


Not infrequently, the components are processed at the supplier, consuming provided with a measuring protocol and subsequently transported to the mechanical engineer on a highly accurate machine. When commissioning is this then undesirable changes in the dimensions fixed, for example, caused by transport. Such problems can be overcome - often enough even a 40-minute MEMV® treatment.


If a component composite after machining be supplied pre-painted, to delay problems can not be solved with an annealing furnace in most cases. Here, too MEMV® may be the drug of choice - it burns no color and the components do not have to be dismantled.


In the automotive industry, for example, numerous vehicle stand in the assembly are required, where welding operations were carried out. Align or glow comes here hardly considered. Instead, use numerous customers within the automotive industry, the vibration technology.


The WIAP AG offers different models, such as V5 for components to 5 t, V20 (20 t) or V50 for up to 50 t workpiece mass. Currently designing the Swiss specialista CNC-controlled MEMV® expansion device with which all axial directions can be excited in a few minutes. Thanks to the new MEMV® process today can be used numerous ways that facilitate the use of this cost-saving technology crucial.





With the patented procedure MEMV® - Metal stress relief with vibration - can be voltages at metallic components or welded constructions degrade reliable (photo: WIAP AG)




Design: fully automatic CNC multi-function machine tool WIAP DM3S for unmanned machining steel reinforcing bars (design and manufacture: WIAP AG)


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