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                               CNC vertical lathe

                                   WIAP DM2V


                                No. 10021,10022,10023, 10024,

                                Vibration relaxed and vibration damped  VDSF®, VSR®, MEMV®

                                                                               Electrics and pneumatics

                                     Made in Switzerland


P1. The compact machine design every corner of the machine had to be availed. Since much is integrated into the machine, it was very close. In the next machine we would at least 1/3. Choose more space. Nevertheless, the machines produce today, after more than 20 years, every day.


P2: Spindle drive and feed motors is all Siemens. The electrical components are 80% of Siemens.


P3. Cabinet 400 x 800 x 1600 mm. Insufficient Reserve. Nevertheless, there were never problems due to heat.

P4. Compact next to the electrical cabinet, the hydraulic, pneumatic and lubrication. An Italian wanted to order 200 machines once. With ABB we were far in the negotiations. The Italians wanted for a machine CHF 180'000. - Pay. But the cost for ABB were CHF 195'000. - .


P5: The WIAP Vertical CNC machine. Intended for workpieces up to 200 diameter and an all-round automation. Compact like a phone booth.  



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