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 Info MEMV® 2016

Metal relax with vibration

Info MEMV® 2016 PDF



Message: WIAP MEMV® Metal relax with vibration



An alternative to the tension arm glow.

Thanks to the new improved methods WIAP MEMV®

(Metal relax with vibration)




If we take a hot-rolled construction, which is warped by torsion and straightness in several mm, this flame judge, then bring in the annealing plant, the work comes after annealing, by the influence of heat, back into the warped base position.


With the new WIAP MEMV® Method, the flame directed workpiece vibrates. With 20 measuring points of the exact course and the changes is detected, then the third axis, which was until now only excited in two axes, is vibrated. When following machining the workpiece is not slow. That is, the vibration can relax now in this point, advantages over the glow, because the tension in the zone offset. In the, where they are and pushes back this delay zones, not the workpiece by the heat back into the original position also.




Set up a component and edit it, it warps.

Set up a device, it vibrates to the new WIAP MEMV® Method and then processed, there is no delay.

Set up a component and enter it in the annealing plant; it warps again. To set again, edit and warp again.



This new and improved WIAP MEMV® method is the key to why the metal relax with vibration is better in this case, as the glow.      


In your case important to know also: For stainless constructions, our method is very good.













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