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Patent Information





Our  WIAP® MEMV® method is based on:


Patent Application 778/14
Filing Certificate 778/14 from 23/05/2014

Means for vibrating 3 D

Pate Title: Method and apparatus for vibration relaxation of workpieces

Deposit Germany:  Document Reference 2015051312483200DE


Patent Application 672/16

Filing Certificate  672/16 from 26/05/2016


Pate Title:  clamp


Patent Application 407/17

Filing Certificate 407/17 from 27/03/2017

Multiple-point measurement displacement G

Pate Title: Method for measuring the residual stress of workpieces


Patent Application 772/17

Filing Certificate 772/17 from 10/04/2017

Means for vibrating multi axis direction

Pate Title: Device for vibration relaxation of workpieces.




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