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Photo Gallery Welded constructions 



W3ha)  140 tons of clamping force for vibration relaxation. Vibrate, shake




W3hb)  Swiss quality WIAP MEMV





W3hc)  Jim Peter Widmer with welded construction. Metal relax with vibration




W3hd)  Machine stand MEMV WIAP vibrate. Relax with vibration



W3he)  Metal expansion system WIAP. Instead stress annealing




W3hf)  Welded constructions. Vibration relax VSR




W3hg)  Plant construction in Germany. Metal relax with vibration




W3hh)  Welded construction WIAP MEMV


W3hi)  WIAP V20 MEMV vibrator. Alternative to stress glow




W3hj)  Non-tension annealing. Vibrate with the system WIAP MEMV




W3hk)  WIAP system on welded construction





W3hl)  Welded construction. Not glow. Vibrate with the system WIAP MEMV



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