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Flame straightening


Photo Gallery Flame straightening





The new WIAP® MEMV® method tested for flame directed components.


(MEMV® = metal relax with vibration)





The component has much heating bodies by flame straightening.





This method is used for the straightening of deformed components, correcting the delay of welded structures, as well as for the straightening of profiles and large-area portions.


Also thin sheets like box constructions, machine bases, machines stand are typical tasks for flame straightening. A portion of the metal is heated by the flame of acetylene oxygen localized. Here, due to thermal expansion of disabled permanent compression occurs. That is, it has between the zones of the discolored region and the uncolored region, a voltage other than the center of the discoloration. Thus, desired forms are restored. In addition, flame straightening can be used for shaping.





The assembly was flame-directed.


It can, for example, when welding an incurred angular distortion are directed a little bending of plates be achieved bend profiles strong, correct crooked or warped steel plate frame and the correct and reduce the diameter of cylinders.


(What should be safe only as a temporary solution, but there are variants)





Flame straightening point.  


In the processing of general structural steels, fine grain, as well as steels having a carbon content of more than 0.05% of an oxidizing flame should be used. The temperature of 650° C (red heat) should not be exceeded. For aluminium and aluminium alloys the temperature should not be over 350° C to 400° C and is depending of material and alloy.





1. Unrivaled efficiency and effectiveness of acetylene oxygen flame

2. Faster and material gently remove the workpiece delay

3. Clearing welding deformations instead of scrapping             

4. (Steels only suitable high-strength) for all metallic, weldable materials suitable

5. DVS - certified procedure for approval in accordance with DIN EN 1090

6. High mobility. (Use without power supply).




However, flame straightening causes a problem:

Namely the distortion during processing. A glow after the flame straightening has the result that the component is moved back to the original distorted position. Under the new WIAP® MEMV® method, there is no distortion after machining. That is, the WIAP® MEMV® relax the stresses in the intermediate zones, where it was red hot by the flame straightening and uncolored zone where an upsetting was eliminated. This, voltages generated by the heat are distributed through the new WIAP® MEMV® vibration relax so that are distributed between the cold compression zones, which do not have resulted from the flame straightening with the WIAP® MEMV® method and thus a delay in the editing is prevented.





The component loses together with the voltages the scale by the WIAP® MEMV® process.





The measuring probe logs the process.





Very important is a good rubber under storage. This should have a sufficient height / thickness, so that no vibrations are transmitted in a factory building. In addition, the logging is accurate.
















About 20 tons has a workpiece. The WIAP AG plants for 5, 20, 50, 100 and 200 tons.





More than just an alternative to the tension arm glow. Thanks to the new advanced process WIAP® MEMV® (Metal relax with vibration).


When a hot-rolled structure is taken, which is warped in torsion and straightness in several mm, these flame straightening, then bring in the annealing plant, the workpiece comes after annealing by the influence of heat back into the basic position warped. 


With the WIAP® MEMV® method the flame directed workpiece may be vibrated. The axis-specified eccentric stage setting allows the V-excitation process can also be carried out with a maximum speed without too extreme deflection occurs. All axes are touched. With 24 measuring points the exact course and the changes are determined and recorded. When following machining the workpiece does not warp. That is, the vibration can relax now with the MEMV® relaxation method advantages over the glow, because the voltages equalize.







The advantage of the process MEMV® WIAP® summarized:

Set up a component and edit it, it warps.

Set up a device, it vibrates under the new WIAP® MEMV® method; there is no distortion after machining.

Set up a component and deliver it into the annealing plant, it warps again, unless you would mechanically hold in the oven in the position, but this is not easy. I.e. it set again, edit, and warp again.

This new and improved WIAP® MEMV® process is the key to why the metal relax with vibration has an advantage over the annealing.

It is also important to know that read to determine that the WIAP® MEMV® process locally to zones not only heat but also with vibrations that degrades voltages namely controlled so that no feedback delay a directional component takes place. 

However, it is very important to carry out a 100% controlled vibration relaxation. It takes a very good attachment between the component and the V-agents. The energy carry-in direction plays an important role. The ever-present in one component dead centers must respectively determine are always well respected.


The following log shows the current measurement procedure in the process WIAP® MEMV®.











The not relax with heat but vibration?


Regarding the question: Where go out tensions, here for an explanation.

Flame-related components generated by the introduction of a local heat stress condition, communicating with the environment in balance.

If this component is annealed, is confronted by a free deformation, a new state of tension and the component is crooked. In a flame-directed component, which has been straightened by local equilibrium states that are superposed on the macroscopic equilibrium states, these local equilibrium conditions are disturbed by the processing and the component enters a new state of equilibrium by a deformation.

If the component is annealed in a clamped state and cooled slowly clamped, the global tensions in balance and subsequent processing will not have a major influence on the straightness.

When vibration in the clamped state in a plurality of directions, the voltages in the global state are brought into balance and the component can be processed. The voltages are not only on the surface but also in a greater depth in balance.

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