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Wiap Customer Info


For information about the Stress relief with Vibration, Metal relax with vibration. MEMV called.


• The Swiss laser machine manufacturer Bystronic has for decades vibration relaxing their machine beds,

for years we have done, then a trader has bought a WIAP conditioning LC 20th


• The company Voith has bought a WIAP conditioning LC20 with us for her work in China.


• A company, a work of Gazprom in Ukraine, laid since 1980 with vibration. They also bought us a new facility.

   WIAP LC 50 with the second energizing LC05 for small items.


• The company Siemens in Sweden has bought from us a system. Relax parts for a turbine.


• The company Audi has given the green light, so with them that is approved MEMV process. Years ago, we

   have since relaxed always all first forms a new model with vibration


• Recently a supplier to the company Pilatus and RUAG, obtain the authorization to be able to apply the

   vibration relax instead to glow.


• Since many years we relax in custom work at a large Swiss machine manufacturer repeatedly welded

   constructions. Even members over 20 tons.


• For many years we relax on a contract basis for a Swiss greater operating stainless auger. Always before



• For many years we relax for a greater Swiss customer rolls which are then Hard chrome plated. Without vibration

  Forgiven and after chroming in hundredths area. Vibrates few micron.


• A customer in Austria this spring made a test. 10 meter long pipe beams, 400 x 250 mm, flame-directed

   because they distorted the parts several mm. After annealing, the work piece was back crooked. Not annealed,

   machined, highly distorted after editing. Wing, vibrates and then machined, it got no delay. That the advantage

   in the case, to be better than the glow, speaks for itself.


Once you have obtained from us a system. For this we thank. Q. Do you know anything? Ask.


We are happy to hear from you. Thank you