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SNV Swiss Standards Association



       1. April 2011    first clarification for the procedure as regards a standard

2.    2. 2014             first contact with the standards association

3.    3. 2015             first mail as to appointment clarifications

      4. 23.5.2016      Discussion in the House of the Swiss Standards Association (SNV) from 1400 to 1600

                          Present: 2 persons from the standards association and Sven Widmer,

                          Jim Widmer and H.P. Widmer

5.   5. 3.6.2016        Mail from the standards association that the procedure is initiated.

                          Until the end of June, Swissmen or Swissmem will be established.

Procedure:        the creation of a normative document, the approval procedure
                          To prepare the proposal for the vote, to submit the request to the
                          Swissmem KTH (Commission for Technical Harmonization)


These patent applications have now been supplemented by standardization:

Our WIAP® MEMV® process is based on:
Patent Application 778/14
Certificate of deposit 778/14 from 23.5.2014
Device for 3 D vibrating
Patent: Method and device for vibration relaxation of workpieces
Deposit Germany: Document Reference 2015051312483200EN

Patent Application 672/16
Certificate of deposit 672/16 from 26.5.2016
Pate Title: screw clamp

Patent Application 407/17
Certificate of deposit 407/17 from 27.3.2017
Multipoint measurement G displacement
Patent: Method for measuring the self-tensioning of workpieces

Patent Application 772/17
Certificate of deposit 772/17 from 10.4.2017
Device for the multi-axis direction Vibrating
Patent title: Device for vibration relaxation of workpieces.

A further approach will be laid down in the near future to make the whole standard procedure more transparent







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