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Good day

In October 2016, we compared and processed 12 tons of steel rollers, vibrated and annealed. Both had no material distortion. So it goes. Annealing required 935KW / h, vibrating 2 KW / h. In spring 2016 we have flame-oriented components 12 meters long. 400 x 500 mm form tubes vibrate, no distortion after machining. Then we have in February 2017 Hydraulically directed 12 meter pipes vibration-relieved no warping. When annealing, the workpiece has retreated. So was vibrating better.
For gas turbines heat-resistant steel is pre-rotated with a diameter of 900 mm, then vibrated, then finished, then laser cut. Without vibrating warp; with vibrate no warping.

So it works. Welding constructions have been vibrating for many years. We have invested over 350,000 USD in intensive research since 2014. It is important for the environment and also for the fast throughput in production. No tinder. It is very important that it is done well. Secure process. We now have over 100 items positions that the process can be done well. We have a 5 ton unit, 20, 50, 100 and 200 tons. the 20 tonne device brings an exciter energy of 15500N. 4 new patent applications since 2014. Alone 2 new in 2017 and we are preparing a new one. Vibration relaxation is very interesting.
And remember, there are some manufacturers of metal expansion plants and this is only because it goes. See the website WIAP MEMV Switzerland Thank you. Wiap AG, Hans-Peter Widmer






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