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                                         CNC vertical lathe

                                   WIAP DM2V

                                 No. 10021, 10022, 10023, 10024

                                Vibration relaxed and vibration damped  VDSF®, VSR®, MEMV®


                                      Made in Switzerland


P1: Machine bed of WIAP DM2V. Welded, relaxing with vibration after VDSF®, - VSR® , - MEMV® - method. Reducing vibrations, then filled after VDSF® - method.



P2: The Horizontal Tower. Even after the process VDSF®, VSR®,  MEMV®


P3: Several machine beds with the tower.


P4: Machine in assembly. Machine bed and tower of WIAP DM2V. It'll be okay placed into the water, so that the tower angle will set exactly can.







P5: The Vertical CNC lathe with the all-round automation was built in WIAP plant Sweden.


P6: The structure of the machine is somewhat complicated, because the space was enormously narrow. The customer who has ordered the machine, had almost no room in his workshop.


P7: From the second machine the jig was not done pneumatically but hydraulically.


P8: The guides with a sliding coating and air sub Supports. All WIAP machines are scraped. Considered is during assembly that the plastic expands more than the steel. Thus, a jamming of the axes is a disadvantage when heated, when the sliding layer is thick.


P9: The whole machine with casing and the chip conveyor, etc. is very compact.


P10: Installation of WIAP DM2V


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