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                                            CNC vertical lathe

                                           WIAP DM2V

                                 No. 10021, 10022, 10023, 10024

                                Vibration relaxed and vibration damped  VDSF®, VSR®, MEMV®

                                                             Final assembly programming

                                      Made in Switzerland


P1: A WIAP DM2V could be made in about 6 months.


P2: The CNC control Sinumerik 810 T was the ideal CNC for this machine. Everything was programmed parameterized. The automation - program in the machine has been created that, improvements could be made without PLC programming. Even by the machine user.





P3: Here a machine just before delivery.


P4: This machine was designed for a customer who has 2 WIAP DM2V machines. She goes to Hungary.


P5: The WIAP Vertical CNC lathe. Compact and suitable for lining parts from 45 mm to 160 mm. Ideal 100 mm workpiece length.


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