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                                            CNC vertical lathe

                                             WIAP DM2V


                                     Made in Switzerland


P1:  Vertical CNC Lathe WIAP DM2V with the all-round automation.


P2:  On the upper level is the material - routing and on the lower level, the material - feeding.


P3: Material redirection for workpieces from Ø 45 mm to Ø suitable 160th.

P4: If a workpiece gets stuck by floating chips in the working area is monitored by photocells that, when no workpiece comes out of the machine, the machine gives alarm and stops.


P5: Here lays the headstock, which can be moved like a vertical machining center, the workpiece on the precast shuttle.


P6: Now the work is filed and the shuttle leaves from the working area. Following the food goes down and brings the new blank.

In the case of tubes were rotated on both end faces. Thus, a very precise tolerance are respected in length. Also the smooth running is guaranteed.


P7: Upper band: precast captivity. Lower band: blank - feeding around the machine. 


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