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Component Group 6



P1: MEMV® 610   Here a large piece of work is expanded over 20 tons of MEMV.          



P2: MEMV® 615   On most components there are places where the exciter can be placed. If screw clamps are not used, tightening bolts are used. In rare cases, a plate is also attached so that the vibrating exciter can be screwed on.  



P3: MEMV® 620   Several machine frames are relaxed according to the Wiap System MEMV VSR vibrations.



P4: MEMV® 630  



P5: MEMV® 640  



P6: MEMV® 650   This construction is also relaxed within 35 minutes of the strong internal tension, with vibration.     



P7: MEMV® 660   The vibration generator, which can be installed in the 20 tonne model LC 20, 12000 N at 6000 revolutions, has to be attached very well.   




P8: MEMV® 670   The adjustment of the eccentric stage allows a very precise setting so that in the correct speed range resp. Hertz range, vibration can be relaxed.