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Component Group 5



P1: MEMV® 510   Here is also a flame-directed machine bed with the

vibration method WIAP MEMV relaxed.   



P2: MEMV® 520   Important is also that with enough rubber pads the hall is

not stimulated. In the middle zones the flame locations are clearly visible.


MEMV, metal relaxation with vibration, is a process which is enormous much

also for the environment. With only one 1.1 Kw engine can be used up to 20

tons of workpieces can be relaxed in just 30 minutes. Add to this comes that

the engine is barely loaded with 50% because of an excited workpiece the KW

only in the lower area needed. That is, with approx. 550 Watt in 30 minutes =

0.225 KW / h is thus a machine bed relaxed, instead of annealing, which is heated

to about 700 degrees.




P3: MEMV® 530   The frame-shaped component also has some thin sections
metal sheets therebetween, i. it is a very good attachment of the vibration-
pathogen important. The machine stand is over 10 meters long.
It will be relaxed in about 35 minutes. The greatest strain is found in the first

few minutes.