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Component Group 4



P1: MEMV® 410   The exciter stage must be set for each workpiece
will. Up to 12000 N can be achieved at 6000 revolutions.
As a rule, however, we aim at between 3000 and 4200 revolutions
to excite. Here, the self-resonant zones can be approached comfortably

and controllably.  



P2: MEMV® 420   We vibrate today in 3-axis directions and have with it
solved the problem that there are always outliers of workpieces, which were

not sufficiently relaxed.



P3: MEMV® 430   The stainless screw shaft has been around for decades
from the Wiap relaxed



P4: MEMV® 440   As a rule, the relaxation process takes 60 minutes.
30 minutes of preparation and 30 minutes of relaxation. Each additional

workpiece usually takes about 45 minutes.  



P5: MEMV® 450   This workpiece must also be sufficient in the prism
rubber from the floor of the hall.



P6: MEMV® 460   The hold on the shaft stub must be extremely good,
so that no path is possible.


P7: MEMV® 470   This clamping prism solution is designed for the range

60 mm to 420 mm. 



P8: MEMV® 480   Another clamping solution is from 400 mm to 800 mm
in the delivery program. In all solutions the shaft stub is always protected,
so that it does not necessarily have to be reworked.