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Component Group 2



P1: MEMV® 210   Extremely robust component-exciter connection. The exciter can produce up to 12,000 N at the 20 ton plant and additionally a self-resonance. Then this is increased. That is, the

clamping force should be at least 10 times more, in order to avoid surprises.       



P2: MEMV® 220   Also here G-value measured. It can vary greatly with little small hertz differences.


P3: MEMV® 230   These old WIAP screw clamps have already survived thousands of hours.


P4: MEMV® 240   This long, almost 10-meter work piece was also flamed.



P5: MEMV® 250   The screw clamps must always hold extremely well, so that they do not resonate and distort the component logging.  



P6: MEMV® 260   Again, the flame straightening point is recognizable. The heat point expands and presses the workpiece and it can not return immediately after the cooling process as it has opened.



P7: MEMV® 270   Also on torsion can be directed. This needs good fingertip feeling.  



P8: MEMV® 280   The workpiece is placed on several rubber supports. 80 mm and 120 mm.