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Component Group 1



P1: MEMV® 110   The component is marked with chalk or Tipex pen, in several places.
The measuring point is always used during the entire relaxation process and in the protocol
are listed.




P2: MEMV® 120   Here you see a lower measuring point and an upper measuring point.
Highlighted in yellow


P3: MEMV® 130   The vibration exciter must be attached to the component very well.
The exciter must not tilt on the support.



P4: MEMV® 140   The workpiece, weighing more than 20 tonnes, comes into resonance due to the uniform energy input, slowly during the acceleration, so that the current also drops almost to zero when the component is excited.



P5: MEMV® 150   The rubber pads are sufficiently distributed under the workpiece.
Depending on the component weight and length, 3, 4, 6 or 8 documents or even more
respectively. These prevent the excitation being transferred to the hall.
The rubber must have a minimum height; generally better than 200 mm as only 120 mm,
so that no vibrations are felt in the building.
We have 120 mm and 80 mm rubber. Thanks to the interface, the rubber shows one

better damping.