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Data collection Old literature about vibration stress relief


Reports and data on the subject of metal stress relief


Design for the standard of metal stress relief with vibration



As an equipment manufacturer and multiple patent holder in terms of metal relaxing with vibration, we are interested in an open policy. Only in this way can we further develop the process so that many advantages in connection with annealing or alternatives to annealing become apparent.

This website contains some informative literature such as reports and data we have found on metal relaxing.

We publish these so that also students have a basic information base for diploma theses and teachers.

If you also still have data, which are not listed here, we would like to add them.

Shortly we will post here our design for the standard of metal relaxation with vibration. This then shows a minimal requirement profile.



Here you will find the link to the draft standards



1. Datensammlung von Gnirss      Rütteln und Vibrationsentspannen, Gerhard Gnirss, Essen, 1986


2. Dawson-Moffat                        Vibratory Stress Relief: A Fundamental Study of its Effectiveness, R. Dawson, D. G. Moffat,



3. India 1974                                Vibratory Stress Relief of mild steel weldments, S. Shankar, Indian Institute of Science, 1974 


4. 5962-9720-1-PB                       Vibration Induced Internal Stress Relief, Prof. Dr. J. PROHASZKA, B. HIDASI and

                                                      L. VARGA, H-1521 Budapest, 1974











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