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           WIAP®   VDSF LC-20    Vibratory stress relief   Switzerland     VSR

                                   Experiens with stress relief since 1981  Patents since 1990




 Vibration Generator   WIAP   LC20   100% is for 20 tons  LC 50  100% ist for 50 tons,  LC 100 100 tons, LC 200, 200 tons.










Wiap®   VSR  Metal stress relief System,  

 Stress relief Equipment

Relieving of Stress in Metal Pieces weighing up to 20,000 kg or 50000 kg by Vibration

 Largely replaces stress-relief by heat treatment

 Also allows finished workpieces to be stress-relieved

Saves enormous amounts of energy and labor

Concise description of the stabilizing process: The treatment of cast, forged, welded or rolled workpieces is in many cases a problematical operation because of heavy warping. Special manufacturing processes and/or stress relief heat treatment generally permit tolerances to be kept to, but high energy and labor costs keep production costs high and frequently produce the undesirable side effects of scaling and warping.

Metal stress relief by controlled vibration in most cases allows good results to be obtained at low costs. The method has been known for a considerable time and has proved its value, above all in the United States, thanks to its high reliability and its cost-effectiveness.

During the last years we have developed, in cooperation with users, the WIAP LC-20/50 metal stabilizer, a reliable and modern electronic system which we now manufacture for the European market.

Principle of Operation


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20 Tons System or  50 Tons System, 100 Tons and 200 Tons Wiap Machins



Vibration Generator   Wiap  LC20   100% is for 20 tons 

wiap go up to 200 tons vibration equipment


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